One Summit Website Redesign

A website redesign for a non-profit organization building resilience in pediatric cancer patients.


One Summit


Website Redesign


Opus Design


One Summit is a non-profit organization dedicated to building resilience in pediatric cancer patients through mentorship with US Navy SEALs, storytelling, and community engagement.

The website redesign plays a pivotal role in digital fundraising and participation sign up. This goals of this website redesign were to enhance the design, convert users to donors through more opportunities for compelling storytelling and testimonial sharing, create a donor-centric fundraising page, and provide a space for patients and SEALs to sign up for the program.

OS Homepage

This project is a custom build website in WordPress. For this website redesign, we partnered with Opus Design, a graphic design and web design company in Boston MA. In working with  Opus Design, this project went through five stages; discovery, sitemap, wireframes, designs, and build.

During the discovery stage, we discussed the goals of the website and the audience we would be targetting. During the sitemap stage, we determined what pages and subpages needed to exist on the website and where those pages belong on the site. This rebuild budgeted for 7 unique pages, during the wireframe stage we created templates of 7 pages that could be used for the list of pages and subpages on the site. In working with Opus's graphic designers, we concluded the look and feel should align with  "badass meets kid-friendly" - incorporating a darker look and feel with fun pop colors allowed us to achieve this look. Once we signed off on the designs, we concluded the website redesign project with build, test, and launch.


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