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Higher Achievement Fundraising Campaign

Higher Achievement's National Year-End Fundraising Campaign.


Higher Achievement


Fundraising Campaign


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Higher Achievement is an education-based non-profit serving inner-city youth across Washington DC, Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, and Pittsburgh PA. Their mission is to close the opportunity gap during the pivotal middle school years.

The Year-End Fundraising Campaign is an annual digital and direct mail fundraising appeal. This project included a holiday card, a solicitation letter, and a series of 50 emails reaching their National and Affiliate audiences.


We kicked off the Year-End Appeal process with creating a theme, tag line, and call to action. The design and messaging within this appeal would revolve around these three components.

Theme: Your Zip Code Shouldn't Determine Your Trajectory.
Tagline: Everyone Has The Right To Rise
Call to Action: Join Us In Lifting Our Scholars.

Holiday Card

The first piece for this appeal was the holiday card, designed by Opus Design graphic designers. This audience of this card were donors and mentors. The design direction for this piece was something simple and beautiful, something to be displayed on the mantle. The messaging was to be short and sweet - and express gratitude to those who make Higher Achievements mission possible.

Holiday Card Front
Holiday Card Open
Appeal Letter

The second piece for the appeal was a mailed appeal letter. There were five letters in the Year-End Appeal, one letter for the National office and four letters for each Affiliate. This project required interviews and conversations with the CEO and four Executive Directors to gather the material for each letter. The letters were designed by Opus Design graphic designers.

DC Appeal Letter
National Appeal Letter
Email Series

The last piece in this campaign was an email series. For this series, we interviewed scholars, alumni, mentors, and staff across all cities. The emails consisted of the first-person narrative stories through the lens of these individuals impacted by Higher Achievement. These stories shed a light into who the people of Higher Achievement were and how this program changes the trajectory for the lives of those served.

Your zip code shouldn't determine your trajectory
Final Notes

This Year-End appeal raised over $70,000 through the print and email campaigns, exceeding the fundraising goal for this project.


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